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Addicted Tattoos specializes in custom tattoo design and professional piercing. Our artists and practitioners are dedicated to providing each of their clients with a new tattoo or piercing that best suits their lifestyle, body, and looks exactly how they picture it in their head (If not better!).

Sterile - Safe - Health Board Approved

The facility is constantly being updated and maintained to industry standard to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our clients. All of our artists use pre-sterilized, disposable equipment and all jewelry is implant grade and handmade. Before being used in piercings, our jewelry is run through an ultrasonic cleaner as well as an autoclave sterilizer before being inserted into any fresh of healed piercing. 

Forever Increasing Our Knowledge

Our artists and piercers are always attending conferences, workshops, and working abroad in different shops across the country to increase the skill, competence, and talent to increase the quality of work we can provide.

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